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Hublot is a famous brand in the world of luxury watches. From sponsorships with elite athletes to endorsements with the most prestigious events in the world, Hublot is THE force to reckon with in the industry.
Among the watch cognoscenti, Hublot is a rather young brand, but the success of its watches over the years has placed it right at the top with older brands.
The path to the founding of Hublot was paved by a brazen Italian man, Carlo Crocco, in 1980. But the full vibe of this journey can't be unlocked without a recap of Carlo's past before bravely embarking on the Hublot journey. Like the allegory of the prodigal son, Carlo was part of the Binda Group dynasty, a Watch and Jewelry maker that was already famous for making Breil Watches. Well, until 1976, when he took the brave step to move to Switzerland and start his own watch company.
Shortly after, he set up his company, MDM Geneve, and started brainstorming a watch design. With the limitless ambition of the prodigal son, he wanted his watch brand to be unlike the world had ever seen. Put in his own words, his aim was to to create one brand around one image, one watch. And it was very strong because at the time, most of the other Swiss watch companies had more than 200 models, so they did not have a strong identity.
But to some watch aficionados, this turned out to be the start of controversies for the brand after the release of their first watch. The first watch Carlo designed was named Hublot after the French word for porthole.
The Hublot Classic featured a groundbreaking design that sported the first natural rubber strap in watchmaking when it was unveiled at the Basel Fair in 1980. It took Carlo three years of research and investigation to come up with the perfect rubber material for the strap. This discovery involved a startling partnership with tire producers. Although the porthole design wasn't totally new, its dozen screws, yellow gold case, and, of course, unique rubber strap was an eye-catcher. Ergo, the watch and Carlo's new company had a chance of survival.
And survive it did.
After the Basel Watch Fair, the watch proved to be a huge commercial success. In its first year, sales hit an excess of $2 million. The history of Hublot Watches turned out to be a happy ending story of the prodigal son.
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